WordPress Rant

I’ve done a lot of template modification for WordPress, but this is the first time in years that I’ve actually tried to -use- it. I can’t believe how user-unfriendly it is. The menus are cryptic, what should be simple layout changes require template changes and that’s not to mention trying to figure out the “Media” tool.

I thought the whole point behind WordPress was to make it easy for regular people to make a simple site to their taste that has some basic communication/display functionality. But, after all the years it’s been around, it isn’t anything like that.

Then there’s the plugin functionality.  Again, something that should have been made as simple as possible is complex and confusing.  It’s nearly impossible to tell what a plugin will do without installing and configuring it.  Installation is easy, but once again the menu system makes it nigh unto impossible to find the configurations.  And most of the plugins have configuration pages that wouldn’t make sense to the untrained user.

What happened?

And so it begins…

Actually, it began a long time ago.  This is, however, my first official blog post.  Well, it’s technically my second.  Somewhere in the great internet archive sits my first, but I don’t even remember where/when I wrote it.

My plan for this blog is to talk about the various projects I’m working on, the issues I run into and how I resolved them.

More later, honest!